About PlaybackLoop

Really? There is no way to play a Youtube playlist by oldest videos first?!

I like to watch stuff while I work on my computer. I found this playlist of Intro Monologues from The Late Show With Steven Colbert and started watching. Good stuff! They keep adding to the playlist and put the new stuff on top, so as I was watching it, I was watching it in reverse chronological order!

So after a quick google search, I found out I cannot change the order unless I own the playlist or copy it. I don't wanna spend my time doing that! So instead I spent an even longer time making this website so I can watch videos as God intended, in order with the oldest first!

I hope other people find this useful. Also if I have more time and resources, I would like to add more features on this site. My long term goal is to emulate this old favorite technology called TV. Contact me at info@playbackloop.com with feedback or comments. Cheers! 🍻